Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thing 8

Well, I bit the bullet and created a flickr account.  Seems like you can't do much if you don't have one!  Anyway I should have one with all the pictures I do.  It's just that on a 56k modem uploading takes awhile. So I have a yahoo account, a flickr account, and a bighuge labs account!
I created a database with the lazybase.  I didn't do much with it but I can see some handy personal uses for it like a reading list since the library can't tell me what I've read.  This way my list is available wherever I have a computer.  Books to Read 

I did the big huge lab thing with the photo mosaic.  I like it.  It could create some cool prints of an event that would be easy to share. I also found that it didn't work in Safari so I moved to firefox.  I couldn't get the code for the mosaic to work so I saved the mosaic to my desktop and then uploaded it as the picture you see here.  These are all MY photos too!

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