Friday, March 7, 2008

Thing 7 Communication tools

It isn't the email overload as much as it is the listserve overload.!  I do put messages into folders for projects that need archiving. The listserve messages are usually scanned and deleted except for those that I want to follow through to the links that are there--that's what takes time to read.

We use email in our media center for online ordering and for scheduling problems.  Of course I use it to communicate to sales people as well as others in the office.

I have not done instant messaging. I watched my daughter do it when she was in college.

Nor have  I done text messaging.  It's one of those add on features on the cell phone that I don't have a good reason to pay for. So I'm not into all the shortcut words that are used!

Web conferencing I have done quite a bit of doing Minitex webinars as well as some online seminars from Adobe.  This has been a great way to self inservice on my schedule.

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