Friday, March 28, 2008

Thing 13 On-line Productivity tools

I created an iGoggle page since I already have an account; I'm using the blogger and the rss reader so it made sense to expand on that.  I did like the looks of the PageFlakes--seemed easy and simple.  iGoogle isn't bad.  I may make this my home page.  With the Mac some of these things can be dropped into Dashboard and you have the widgets available on your desktop without using the browser.  iGoogle of course has the advantage of always being there for you no matter where you are.  Lots of features available.  I put a weather link on my blog.  Seems like we always what to know the weather forecast.

 I think I need to write out my to do lists . Mac computers have sticky notes and I use them occassionally as notes and as to do lists. I have iCal for calendars. Don't know that I would use an on-line one.  I know they don't travel with me from site to site, but it works for me. Backpack looks good for sharing calendars.  I could see that for the NWSC office staff.

 I didn't know about Zamzar the file converter.  I can see where that would be handy in school or even at home.

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