Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thing 11 Del.icio.us

This is something that I will use.  I first created a delicious account two years ago.  Then, I rather forgot about it.  I think it has grown and changed since that first experience.  I also learned more about it from this thing than I knew before.  I like the bookmarks being accessible from any computer. But I also like the connections. When I look for photography I found so many more possibilites for new information than just searching on the web. I think schools should encourage staff and students to make use of del.icio.us. The idea of shared bookmarks(tags) is great for staff development topics or department topics. Some of the library sites didn't even look like delicious so  that bears further exploration.  I found some really cool sites using Pagekeeper and selecting 10-12 and other for subject area.  Many of these are media folks and they neat lists of helpful sites for library/media people.

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