Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thing 24 Blog Update

Here we are.  Very late in getting started with More Things on a stick, but this is something I want to do. While I haven't done anything with this blog since the 23 things,  I have kept my blog for our book club going.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thing 23 I'm Finished!

The end at last!  I started slow and then went quickly the last two weeks getting one or two every day.  Some things have become commonplace to do and others I will need to read the directions over again because I can't remember how to do them!! I've got blogging down.  Enjoy it even!! is the other thing I'm making use of.

I've enjoyed reading the blogs of others.  I like being able to look at the blogs by region so I can find others nearby. That was the easiest way to find them and several of them I added into my RSS feed so I could follow how they were doing.  Finding people will similar reactions was helpful to encourage me to continue.

My favorite discovery was blogging. Being reintroduced to RSS feeds and podcasts was helpful.  The ELM stuff wasn't new.  Facebook was a stretch for me. Don't know if I will keep that account.  Flickr was a new discovery and very interesting.  Still haven't decided how I will use it.  The badges and mashups were fun.  The trick will be to remember where to use them creatively and appropriately.

I met a couple new people because of this project.  

23Things may be too much for some to get done during this time period.  I was able to complete mine at home once we got high speed access.  It arrived just in time!! I know many were unable to work at school because blogs were blocked.

Yes I would participate again.

My one word description: Totally AWESOME!

Learn Web 2.0 by doing! That's 23Things on a stick.

I'd like to thank everyone responsible for bringing this program to Minnesota.  It's been awesome.

Thing 22

This certainly has been a very worthwhile course.  I've learned many new things--and yes--now to keep up.  I've subscribed to a number of blogs.  Use over time will tell me which ones will be most helpful.  I really can't decide that yet.  I do keep up with webjunction--the drop in the email box is a big help. I do webinars from minitex--they are wonderful and minitex is wonderful too in helping us keep up to date. Of all the things in the 23things, I'm excited about creating and maintaining a blog.  I've done one for our book club and I'd like to do one for the NWSC. If someone will read them...?  I've sputtered on RSS feeds before but will try again.  One thing that's been very helpful is the creation of an igoogle page and having it as my home page.  I hope that the 23things ning will stay on an refine itself.  It would be good to have a Minnesota ning.  Thanks Ruth for being such a leader on this 2.0 stuff and getting NW MN involved.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

View my page on Library 2.0

Thing 21 Other Social Networks Ning

View my page on 23 Things on a Stick

My other network is the MemoNing listed as MEMO under Blogs to the left. I enjoyed doing the Ning thing.  I actually did it the very first thing, when I didn't know what I was doing with 23 Things and got into it by mistake.  It was frustrating then because I didn't have directions.  A lot easier now that I've done all these other Things.  I'm getting anxious to finish #23 so it's hard to stay focused. I like the idea (and practice) of a social network for a target group.  I think MEMO SID one is a good way to get one started and get us stodgy media people up to speed.  As I read other people's comments I discovered I wasn't the only one who felt like a fish out of water doing this. The more one does it, the easier it becomes and of course it all depends on who the audience is. 

I have been a member of WebJunction for a couple years.  Never thought of it as a social networking site.

Thing 20 Facebook

I felt like I was moving in dangerous territory!!  This was definitely stretching my limits!!  Must say I felt uncomfortable doing this.  Goes to show my age!  and I like my privacy!  I joined the Library 2.0 Interest Group.  It seemed to fit this project.  I did find someone from college!  Only 5 from the class of 1970 listed!  When I searched on our high school I found lots of students listed. On the one I looked at it was easy to find out a look of information about the person, not identity info but social info.  Guess I was brought up to be more private than what I see here. The Denver & Hennepin library pages were very hip and would invite kids to use the resources listed.  Since so many kids do create myspace or facebook pages it may be a way to get them into the electronic library door!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Thing 19 Podcasting

I did a workshop on Podcasting last summer.  We used Garageband to create an enhanced audio podcast. Enhance meaning the audio also had pictures but not motion video.  I enjoy doing podcasts.  They require less work than creating a full slide program or a video program.  As I went through the various directories available, the number of podcasts has certainly expanded.  I'm disappointed that you didn't include iTunes directory of podcasts.  iTunes is available for windows as well as mac and it has a great directory for finding podcasts.  Probably better than any on your list.  Not only does iTunes categorize into popular headings, but under education it has topics broken down for schools.  It is also very easy to use iTunes as a RSS feeder so you are updated with your newest episodes if you subscribe to a series.  Of the Directories you listed, I found the easiest and cleanist to use.  I liked the education podcast site but found it very difficult to read.  With that said it's easier to use iTunes. 

I've created a podcast link on the side. I set up an account with Gcast but haven't uploaded my podcast yet because it's stored on another computer.

Just as with so many other 2.0 tools, finding time to listen to everything you'd like to is overwhelming.  Last summer I had subscribed to a number of them but gave up as it took too much time.  This Thing was a good chance to get back at looking at podcasts.