Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thing 23 I'm Finished!

The end at last!  I started slow and then went quickly the last two weeks getting one or two every day.  Some things have become commonplace to do and others I will need to read the directions over again because I can't remember how to do them!! I've got blogging down.  Enjoy it even!! is the other thing I'm making use of.

I've enjoyed reading the blogs of others.  I like being able to look at the blogs by region so I can find others nearby. That was the easiest way to find them and several of them I added into my RSS feed so I could follow how they were doing.  Finding people will similar reactions was helpful to encourage me to continue.

My favorite discovery was blogging. Being reintroduced to RSS feeds and podcasts was helpful.  The ELM stuff wasn't new.  Facebook was a stretch for me. Don't know if I will keep that account.  Flickr was a new discovery and very interesting.  Still haven't decided how I will use it.  The badges and mashups were fun.  The trick will be to remember where to use them creatively and appropriately.

I met a couple new people because of this project.  

23Things may be too much for some to get done during this time period.  I was able to complete mine at home once we got high speed access.  It arrived just in time!! I know many were unable to work at school because blogs were blocked.

Yes I would participate again.

My one word description: Totally AWESOME!

Learn Web 2.0 by doing! That's 23Things on a stick.

I'd like to thank everyone responsible for bringing this program to Minnesota.  It's been awesome.


Ruth said...

Congratulations! It has been fun watching this project unroll in the region and hope we'll be able to provide another learning project in the months ahead. Meanwhile, we'll try to improve some of the ways we interact via chat, blogs, webconferencing, and face-to-face events. It's been a fun adventure!

Alice said...

Thanks Ruth. Your leadership in this adventure has been awesome.