Friday, April 4, 2008

Thing 19 Podcasting

I did a workshop on Podcasting last summer.  We used Garageband to create an enhanced audio podcast. Enhance meaning the audio also had pictures but not motion video.  I enjoy doing podcasts.  They require less work than creating a full slide program or a video program.  As I went through the various directories available, the number of podcasts has certainly expanded.  I'm disappointed that you didn't include iTunes directory of podcasts.  iTunes is available for windows as well as mac and it has a great directory for finding podcasts.  Probably better than any on your list.  Not only does iTunes categorize into popular headings, but under education it has topics broken down for schools.  It is also very easy to use iTunes as a RSS feeder so you are updated with your newest episodes if you subscribe to a series.  Of the Directories you listed, I found the easiest and cleanist to use.  I liked the education podcast site but found it very difficult to read.  With that said it's easier to use iTunes. 

I've created a podcast link on the side. I set up an account with Gcast but haven't uploaded my podcast yet because it's stored on another computer.

Just as with so many other 2.0 tools, finding time to listen to everything you'd like to is overwhelming.  Last summer I had subscribed to a number of them but gave up as it took too much time.  This Thing was a good chance to get back at looking at podcasts.

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