Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thing 20 Facebook

I felt like I was moving in dangerous territory!!  This was definitely stretching my limits!!  Must say I felt uncomfortable doing this.  Goes to show my age!  and I like my privacy!  I joined the Library 2.0 Interest Group.  It seemed to fit this project.  I did find someone from college!  Only 5 from the class of 1970 listed!  When I searched on our high school I found lots of students listed. On the one I looked at it was easy to find out a look of information about the person, not identity info but social info.  Guess I was brought up to be more private than what I see here. The Denver & Hennepin library pages were very hip and would invite kids to use the resources listed.  Since so many kids do create myspace or facebook pages it may be a way to get them into the electronic library door!

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