Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thing 22

This certainly has been a very worthwhile course.  I've learned many new things--and yes--now to keep up.  I've subscribed to a number of blogs.  Use over time will tell me which ones will be most helpful.  I really can't decide that yet.  I do keep up with webjunction--the drop in the email box is a big help. I do webinars from minitex--they are wonderful and minitex is wonderful too in helping us keep up to date. Of all the things in the 23things, I'm excited about creating and maintaining a blog.  I've done one for our book club and I'd like to do one for the NWSC. If someone will read them...?  I've sputtered on RSS feeds before but will try again.  One thing that's been very helpful is the creation of an igoogle page and having it as my home page.  I hope that the 23things ning will stay on an refine itself.  It would be good to have a Minnesota ning.  Thanks Ruth for being such a leader on this 2.0 stuff and getting NW MN involved.

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