Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thing 16 student tools Research calculator

I like the research project calculator better because it allows the student to prepare for projects in different formats, ie video, powerpoint, as well as the traditional paper.  It is neat that it provides not only a timeline for organizing the tasks, but it also gives helpful resources such as storyboards and on-line resources such as links to windows moviemaker or apple's imovie.  Teachers should know about this site and show ask their students to use it.  It will help students to be more organized and to understand the research process better. Just a couple weeks ago I had a student tell me that you could plan all the steps if you had a month to do a project, but not when you had 3 days.  My point is regardless of how many days you have, you need to do all the steps to make a good project.

Yes you could use this to manage a timeline of your own.  You could also use it to look for helpful resources when doing planning with teachers.

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