Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thing 15 gaming

Over the past year I've change my thinking about computer games in the media center.  Since I'm retired I suppose what I think doesn't really count!  Used to be games took up precious computer space and bandwidth.  Now schools have more computers and usually more bandwidth available too.  I see games as a way of getting students in the media center. I also think that games (looking at the pirate game) require a high degree of thinking, planning and creating strategies to win or move to the next level. While I'm not a gamer ( too many other things to do--like good books to read!), I think they have a place.  Not all games are created equal of course.  Some are just shoot 'em up, but I remember how much fun it was to play PacMan when it was one of the first computer games.  It didn't require much high level thinking!  School libraries will need to rethink their stances on gaming.  Computers availability and bandwidth will enter into those decisions on whether games are allowed.

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