Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thing 3-- RSS

Wow!  last summer I did some workshops on podcasting and had experience with podcasts.  I put several links into my iTunes, but so many podcasts came that I quit and haven't been back to them since.  This reminds of that only on a larger scale.  This brings out the author in anyone who desires to write!!!

I used the google reader to set up my list.  I found it easy to do.  Now to find time to read all the ones I put in!  I searched thru the list of blogs under worldwide >united states.  I didn't find any that sounded like k-12 media centers although I found some for teens.  One that looks good is done by Worthington Public Library in Worthington, Ohio.  I'll see if I can actually create a link to it in my blog. Yes, I was able to link to it!!

This was a fun thing! Fun and informative because I really hadn't expanded upon my knowledge of RSS since doing podcasts.  There is so much more.  This should  make it easier to keep up with new information--IF I can find the really good blogs to link to!

I can certainly use this in my personal and professional life. I think blogs have their place for exchanging information.  A big drawback is that many schools have blogs blocked by their filters making it difficult for teachers to create, utilize blogs for professional growth as well as student projects.

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Ruth said...

Isn't time always an issue?? I'm in the same boat -- learn something new and exciting, but then find I get sidetracked by life and end up re-discovering these things all over again! It's fun - but time consuming.