Saturday, February 2, 2008

Reaction to my first attempt at blogging.

Blogger was easy to set up.  It wasn't very that hard to change the colors of my chosen layout.  The hardest part is thinking up what to say that is worthwhile to everyone.  I hope I can discover how to connect to all the other blogs libraries in the NLLN region have set up.  The Avatar was fun to create but a bit of a challenge to get on my blog.  I succeeded but not sure how.  Maybe my problem was due to the 56k modem at home .  When I pasted and clicked on save it either didn't come back or gave me an error message, but when I looked at my page, it was there.  Go figure.  Anyway creating an avatar was fun; I'd never heard of it before. However, I don't see a real purpose for putting it on my blog.

As I'm working on this I find that cutting and pasting don't work well.

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